Am I wrong?

I quit my job because I was super unhappy about it.  I HATED driving there, looking for a parking space, logging in, lying to people, logging out and driving back home.  Don't get me entirely wrong, I apprecited having a job, but I was so UNHAPPY.  So I resigned my position one random day and I drove to the nearest beach.  I drove and drove, I cried a little.  I had no plan.  What would be next?  I don't effing know!  I still don't know!  But I feel better now.  I am looking for the job of my dreams.  But, what is it?  What could it be?! Tutoring?  Virtual assistance? Translation?  Was I wrong for quitting without a plan?  I feel like it isn't because I'm free now.  But I am looking for a new adventure...


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