Where to start?

About 2 months ago I began my journey to happiness.  True happiness.  I've done this before, I've worked with intention before.  Since I was a kid I have been able to create my path as I go.  It's mystical and, some say, paranormal.  I lived a violent childhood, everyone around me was always fighting and my surroundings were violent.  Until I discovered The Secret (movie) and I started to use my intentions to favor me.  I've always had that power, and sometimes I think I used it for bad, I had bad intentions and my life was upside down.

So, about 3 to 4 years ago I decided to start creating vision boards, only that mine were made in Photoshop and were displayed here.  And to think about a better life.  And just to put some perspective: 3 years ago I didn't have a job, I didn't have money, and I lacked food... it was horrible.  Then, I started changing my thoughts.  I started thinking about me living at a nice place, having money, eating fancy things, traveling, going to Disney, etc.  My imagination was never the problem.  I got rid of 99% of my negativity in just a couple of days!  Almost immediately we sold the house (we = my mom), and we moved to Florida.  I got to go on vacation to Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal, Sea World, etc.  We moved to an amazing place, and since then we've never lacked anything else.  Of course I got a job!  And on this job I moved up quickly, I've learned so much.  I have a car, lots of clothes, I've been to amazing places.  I am so grateful, and these words come from the most fragile and raw parts of me, again, I am so grateful.  It's almost like I shifted realities.

I accepted my happiness!  And I shared it with new friends and old ones too!  I am living the life I wanted to live 3 or 4 years ago.  I laugh every day (nothing new) but I get to see my mom and niece laugh with me.  We have everything we need and more, much more.  However, going back to the shifting of realities.  It is a strange feeling.  Lately, I've been looking for happiness again.  Looking for more opportunities, looking to rediscover myself.  Is not that I'm not currently happy, but I crave more.  About a month ago I started looking into the power of intention, experiments, audio books, seminars, movies, and more sources to help me comprehend what is going on inside my mind.  I started going back to the original target:  The Secret (movie).  Then that move lead me to another book, and different audio books on YouTube, and then another book that I bought on Amazon...  and this book sent me online and while online looking for more context I found the Mandela Effect.  Basically, my journey is getting interesting.  And this is not about conspiracy theories, this is about me and my journey.  My current search is for more examples of intention results and more experiments, and also is for more Mandela Effects examples.  It is so interesting just the thought of being able to shift realities and create your world as you go...  I said to myself:  I have to try this.


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