If somehow you're reading this, is because you are supposed to be reading it.  I don't have followers, so I don't know how you found me, but here you are.  You can get to know a version of me by reading my blogs.  This version of me is raw, fragile, vulnerable and simple.  Most of the things I write here I never speak out, this is the whole point of the blog.

However, this version of me is not the only version of me there is.  No, I don't have multiple personalities, or at least I've never been told so.  But, I like to think of my writing time as my spirit being at its most basic state.  Like, when I write, it doesn't matter what reality or universe I'm living at -physically- my spirit is always the ONE.  Like all universes synchronize in one ME to put stuff in sentences.

I'm, somehow, very into this world of parallel universes, reality shifts and infinite possibilities.  It's a fatal attraction, can't help it.  A month ago I re-watched The Secret, last week I bought the book The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, I've listened to 8 to 10 audio books on YouTube about intention and how to control your thoughts, etc.  I watched the series Resurrection (on Hulu) and the series The OA (on Netflix) and so many other interesting things.  They all have one thing in common: We are so much more than just what we see every day.  We have so much more potential than we realize.  There is something else out there and in here.


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