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The Cocker Spaniel I had? Or...

So when I was like 7 years old I swear I had a golden Cocker Spaniel.  By the time this happened, and the time I discovered I never had one, I didn't know of the existence of multiple dimensions, realities and Mandela Effects.  All I remember is having this dog, having her outside, a rainy day and having her for a couple of days and then someone apparently stole her.  I even cried.

A couple of years after, I was maybe 17 we were talking about dogs and I said: "Oh yeah I had a Cocker Spaniel once, she was golden", and I proceeded to describe her features.  And my mom replied with: "You've never had a Cocker Spaniel..."

What???  I remember having this dog and I remember the pain I felt when it was taken from me, and I also remember my brother telling me: "It's ok, you'll have other dogs".  None of my friends at the time remember.  I left that memory alone until now.  Now it all makes sense.

My memory it's too detailed to be a dream.  And…

Reality Shifting

Last night I felt it.  I felt my body jumping to another reality.  I felt scared for a second, literally a second.  Then I knew everything was OK.  After I felt that, my body started to hurt a little bit.  My back, neck and arms were the main parts of my body that were hurting the most.  But I knew it was alright.  I felt a sense of reassurance, and this feeling I've had twice this month.  It feels good, I feel sure of who I am and what I'm capable of.  But, last night was different.

I was probably very sensitive from watching a Netflix series (about NDEs, angels and a greater purpose) all day.  My brain was still processing all that information and images, which I personally think was very well directed and produced.  So, I went to bed to Family Guy and American Dad to ease my mind a little bit with laughter an nonsense.

I must have been dreaming about something intense because I felt myself asleep, or trying to, and then, out of the blue, I felt like I got out of my body an…


If somehow you're reading this, is because you are supposed to be reading it.  I don't have followers, so I don't know how you found me, but here you are.  You can get to know a version of me by reading my blogs.  This version of me is raw, fragile, vulnerable and simple.  Most of the things I write here I never speak out, this is the whole point of the blog.

However, this version of me is not the only version of me there is.  No, I don't have multiple personalities, or at least I've never been told so.  But, I like to think of my writing time as my spirit being at its most basic state.  Like, when I write, it doesn't matter what reality or universe I'm living at -physically- my spirit is always the ONE.  Like all universes synchronize in one ME to put stuff in sentences.

I'm, somehow, very into this world of parallel universes, reality shifts and infinite possibilities.  It's a fatal attraction, can't help it.  A month ago I re-watched The Se…


Where to start?

About 2 months ago I began my journey to happiness.  True happiness.  I've done this before, I've worked with intention before.  Since I was a kid I have been able to create my path as I go.  It's mystical and, some say, paranormal.  I lived a violent childhood, everyone around me was always fighting and my surroundings were violent.  Until I discovered The Secret (movie) and I started to use my intentions to favor me.  I've always had that power, and sometimes I think I used it for bad, I had bad intentions and my life was upside down.

So, about 3 to 4 years ago I decided to start creating vision boards, only that mine were made in Photoshop and were displayed here.  And to think about a better life.  And just to put some perspective: 3 years ago I didn't have a job, I didn't have money, and I lacked food... it was horrible.  Then, I started changing my thoughts.  I started thinking about me living at a nice place, having money, eating fancy …