My head is a mess from not knowing what's inside your mind, sweetheart.  I don't understand your pain, but I wish I could.  You wander around the house like you're lost, like you are in this weird world you don't know anymore, and it tears me apart.  Something is missing from you, the wound is just so new.  Although you seem to be mature and strong, I know you suffer and I can't fix it this time.  I must let you heal until it feels normal again to wake up.  You are young, and smart and I feel proud of how you've taken the sad situation.  I see you smile, I hear you laugh, but inside your smile there's this thing I can't figure out. 

I had to be the one to break it to you, I broke your heart into pieces.  I saw your day turn into hell and saw how you couldn't sleep that night.  Your escape was staying awake, making your brain and body tired. 

But understand one thing, I will be here like I have always been.  You can count on me, I will take care of you now more than ever, young one.  I can't promise it will stop from hurting you, but you will be fine and you'll grow up to be a wonderful woman.  You'll see.