The message

...and I stood there, in complete silence, trying to understand the message written in the same language that I've known for years, written with the same joke that we've known for a long time.  But, could it be? 

I was sleeping when it happened, and I was barely awake when I read it.  But now that I'm fully awake, I'm scared that it may not mean something at all.  That maybe it is just a passing-through kind of signature, or just a Hi-Bye if I may...  And that is what's scares me. 

I want it to be something, I want it to stay forever like it should have been.  But I'm too confused to decipher it.  It's like it's written in another language with a hidden purpose. 

I've been wanting to write, I've been wanting to break my promise, my personal promise.  Now it seems like my words are not carved in stone. 

I wanted to answer back, I wanted to give an interesting feedback.  But I didn't know how, at this point I didn't know anything.  So I wrote back "Hey :)"

And now I wait.


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