The intermission

It seemed simpler when it was all in my head.  But now that it's out there, somewhere, it is not as easy as it appeared before.  Life is not complicated.  We make it feel that way.  With the questions, with the doubts.  The lack of privacy.  We should live our lives, not harming others, but also not caring about others.  That's the way I think it should be done.  But we are too emotional to do so. 

Instead we leave a trail of clues for everyone to discover.  Because we want to be out there in some kind of way. 

Take me for example, yes me, this is my blog... I'm not social, I'm not open to others, but I miss the days when I was younger, excited about life, about school, about friends, movies, even music.  But I'm only 24 and I already feel lost in my own steps. 

I did try to do better, and I think I did make it.  It just didn't last enough. 

Now I must start from scratch, I must take down the walls that I have created.  But of course, little by little.  Nobody wants to get hurt. 

Lowering my defenses. Shields half way down.  I'm off. 


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