The failure

The moment when the other person fails, is the moment when you feel the right to fail back.  And you stop feeling bad about it.  In fact, it feels good.  Deep inside you know that your mind thinks that you're helping on balancing the world's Karma.  But it isn't as simple as that.  The truth is, when you fail, the only person you're hurting is you. 

But failing isn't bad.  It is part of a process, in this case, the vengeance process.  Even if you don't want to reciprocate, no human is perfect... eventually you're going to make mistakes.  And you will love it.  You will love to fight about your right of being wrong.

Don't be sorry, life is too short to waste emotions on being so.  Just live ahead.  Wake up, live, go back to sleep, so you can wake up tomorrow, and so on. 

Maybe these words are coming out of my head right now because I feel like I have failed, and this blog is the only comfort I have left.  No friends, no problems.  Keeping the distance always work, always hurts also. 


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