No es la falta de que el enfoque es muy amplio...

Ese es mi problema en la vida, no quisiera verlo como un problema at all, pero lo es... veo las cosas de manera tan amplia y tan detallada, digamos en HD, que todo me parece interesante.  Ese es mi dilema.  Algunas personas se quejarán de falta de conocimiento, de creatividad, de tiempo... Y yo las acumulo todas...Todo me inspira, me inspiran los pocos amigos, las plantas, los animales, la música, el internet, la naturaleza, las vistas, el espacio, las ciencias, los bebés, los nerds, los geeks, los preps, los bums... No hay un lugar a donde mire que no haya una inspiración... hasta los cacos de mierda, me inspiran a hacerlos desaparecer...

Es como que últimamente en cualquier lugar que diga "Describe yourself briefly" yo no se ni que escribir, porque no hay palabras breves que me describan, mis hobbies, mis intereses... mi personalidad... cual es mi personalidad anyways?  Yo no quiero escribir algo bien baboso "Ah si soy carismática, amigable, amorosa, inteligente" ... no porque no lo sea, sino pq eso no aplica a todas las situaciones y/o personas... Tambien puedo ser odiosa, repugnante, antisocial... y honestamente Im more of that que lo anterior...

Y como se veria un About me en serio?... es este el mejor momento para llenar el survey ese de mil preguntas?  I love them!
and here we go:

200: My crush’s name is:  Pat Kiely

199: I was born in: Puerto Rico

198: I am really: creative
197: My cellphone company is: Open Mobile
196: My eye color is: Brown
195: My shoe size is: 9
194: My ring size is: 9
193: My height is: 5'6.5
192: I am allergic to: Stupidity
191: My 1st car was: Toyota Tercel '94
190: My 1st job was: At a Pharmacy
189: Last book you read: 50 shades of Grey
188: My bed is: Full (sized) lol
187: My pet: Bubu (dog)
186: My best friend: Internet
185: My favorite shampoo is: Fructis
184: Xbox or ps3: Both, thank you
183: Piggy banks are: empty
182: In my pockets: nothing
181: On my calendar: college starts soon
180: Marriage is: A piece of paper
179: Spongebob can: live in a pineapple under the sea 
178: My mom: is smart
177: The last three songs I bought were? bought? haha yeah right
176: Last YouTube video watched: Club Culture - Karma Chameleon
175: How many cousins do you have? a few, 2 that I grew up with
174: Do you have any siblings? Yes
173: Are your parents divorced? Never married
172: Are you taller than your mom? Yes
171: Do you play an instrument? Yes
170: What did you do yesterday? Basically nothing
[ I Believe In ]
169: Love at first sight: No
168: Luck: No
167: Fate: Maybe
166: Yourself: Yes
165: Aliens: Yes
164: Heaven: No
163: Hell: we live in it
162: God: No
161: Horoscopes: No, but they are fun
160: Soul mates: Yes
159: Ghosts: Energy 
158: Gay Marriage: That's not a thing to believe in... that's just a piece of paper, just like hetero...
157: War: Whatever
156: Orbs: Technical difficulties...
155: Magic: Yes
[ This or That ]
154: Hugs or Kisses: Hug
153: Drunk or High: Drunk
152: Phone or Online: Online
151: Red heads or Black haired: Black
150: Blondes or Brunettes: Brunette
149: Hot or cold: Cold
148: Summer or winter: Winter
147: Autumn or Spring: Autumn
146: Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
145: Night or Day: Night
144: Oranges or Apples: Apples
143: Curly or Straight hair: Straight
142: McDonalds or Burger King: Mcds
141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: White
140: Mac or PC: PC
139: Flip flops or high heals: Converse
138: Ugly and rich OR sweet and poor: Sweet and rich
137: Coke or Pepsi: Coca Cola
136: Hillary or Obama: Obama
135: Burried or cremated: Cremated
134: Singing or Dancing: Both
133: Coach or Chanel: Coach
132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: who?
131: Small town or Big city: Small town for now
130: Wal-Mart or Target: Walmart
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Both
128: Manicure or Pedicure: Both
127: East Coast or West Coast: Sadly, east.
126: Your Birthday or Christmas: They are actually really close to each other...
125: Chocolate or Flowers: Flowers
124: Disney or Six Flags: Haven't been to none
123: Yankees or Red Sox: Yankees
[ Here’s What I Think About ]
122: War: Massive waste of money
121: George Bush: Ugly man
120: Gay Marriage: I dont really give two fucks
119: The presidential election: Same as Gay Marriage
118: Abortion: Personal decision
117: MySpace: Lol...
116: Reality TV: Interesting (not the Jersey Shore type)
115: Parents: They were young someday...
114: Back stabbers: Hahaha know a few...
113: Ebay: Online awesomeness
112: Facebook: No privacy but fun
111: Work: I want a job
110: My Neighbors: Haven't seen them in a while
109: Gas Prices: I don't have a car yet, it doesn't affect me very much...
108: Designer Clothes: Expensive and cheap at the same time
107: College: Important
106: Sports: Hobbies
105: My family: Small
104: The future: Is there
[ Last time I ]
103: Hugged someone: Today
102: Last time you ate: Few hours ago
101: Saw someone I haven’t seen in a while: Last week
100: Cried in front of someone: Last week
99: Went to a movie theater: Can't remember
98: Took a vacation: Pfft what is that?
97: Swam in a pool: Long ago
96: Changed a diaper: Wow, long ago!
95: Got my nails done: Today
94: Went to a wedding: Last year? Two years ago? 
93: Broke a bone: Never
92: Got a peircing: 6 years ago
91: Broke the law: Soon :)
90: Texted: Few hours
[ MISC ]
89: Who makes you laugh the most: Reba TV show
88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is: Bubu
87: The last movie I saw: Star Wars Ep. 4
86: The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: A job
85: The thing im not looking forward to: unemployment
84: People call me: Naty, Nat, Na
83: The most difficult thing to do is: Start from scratch when you have nothing
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: Never
81: My zodiac sign is: Sagittarius
80: The first person i talked to today was: Mami
79: First time you had a crush: Cant remember 
78: The one person who i can’t hide things from: Shany
77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: Today
76: Right now I am talking to: Nobody
75: What are you going to do when you grow up: I don't wanna grow up!
74: I have/will get a job: SOON!
73: Tomorrow: Yes
72: Today: I wish
71: Next Summer: Still
70: Next Weekend: Maybe
69: I have these pets: Bubu, Twinkle and Ginn (dogs)
68: The worst sound in the world: truck 
67: The person that makes me cry the most is: Myself
66: People that make you happy: Few
65: Last time I cried: Last week
64: My friends are: just a few
63: My computer is: my company
62: My School: is awesome
61: My Car: I wanna have one
60: I lose all respect for people who: they know who they are
59: The movie I cried at was: Marley and me
58: Your hair color is: black
57: TV shows you watch: Name it.... lol
56: Favorite web site: Blogger and some FB pages
55: Your dream vacation: FAR away
54: The worst pain I was ever in was: Abscess 
53: How do you like your steak cooked: Well done
52: My room is: Normal
51: My favorite celebrity is: I dont have any
50: Where would you like to be: FAR away
49: Do you want children: Yes
48: Ever been in love: Sadly
47: Who’s your best friend: Internet
46: More guy friends or girl friends: Guys
45: One thing that makes you feel great is: Money
44: One person that you wish you could see right now: I dont wanna see anyone Im ok
43: Do you have a 5 year plan: lol... no
42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: No
41: Have you pre-named your children: Yes
40: Last person I got mad at: Everyone.. Im a hater these days
39: I would like to move to: Europe
38: I wish I was a professional: Scientist
[ My Favorites ]
37: Candy: Lollipop 
36: Vehicle: Toyota
35: President: Black
34: State visited: None
33: Cellphone provider: Open, for now
32: Athlete: None
31: Actor: None
30: Actress: None 
29: Singer: Celtic Woman chicks
28: Band: Alkaline Trio
27: Clothing store: Forever 21, Hot Topic, Old Navy
26: Grocery store: Amigo
25: TV show: LOTS
24: Movie: Few
23: Website: repeated
22: Animal: cats
21: Theme park: pfft
20: Holiday: xmas
19: Sport to watch: I can watch anything
18: Sport to play: few
17: Magazine: Better Homes
16: Book: Antologia Poetica de Julia de Burgos
15: Day of the week: Thursday
14: Beach: None
13: Concert attended: Indie '11
12: Thing to cook: Everything
11: Food: Boricua
10: Restaurant: Hmm Brass Cactus, Vaca Brava...
9: Radio station: 97.3
8: Yankee candle scent: Apple Cinnamon 
7: Perfume: None
6: Flower: Carnation
5: Color: All
4: Talk show host: None
3: Comedian: They all have their charm
2: Dog breed: Maltese
1: Did you answer all these truthfully? Yes


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