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Fantasy, by Shany

This is just a fantasy, a chocolate fantasy.  When you come around and see zombies hungry for humans (this is just a fantasy).  Just a fantasy when you come around and see zombies hungry for humans.  But you can never come back or you will be slaved, you gotta stay with them.  Because is just a fantasy.

Enough is never good enough.

Sometimes we can help, sometimes we cannot.  But when I decide to do it, I do it with all my mind in it (not the heart since the heart is a muscle, we don't think or feel emotions through the heart... we just skip a bit every now and then when we feel surprised, stupid/"inlove" [whatever that means]) So yeah back to the main topic here, when I help others I enjoy it, I feel complete and emotionally refreshed.  I don't do it waiting for others to help me back, but I sure try to make this a better place (I'm talking about Earth and humanity and shit).  Because we make the place, not just plants and minerals and animals...The world is not about money and stupid politics [which I dislike the most].  Dude, it's about caring and sharing what you don't even have with the person next to you.  Not even next to you, but a few miles away.  It's about family and staying together for "the cause", about friends and laughing at crazy invented stuff, about …